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Never Worry About termites Again!

#1 Termite Warranty Company in the greater San Diego County area.

HHTP Termite Warranty by Nixtermite, Inc.

Termites – Are A Multibillion-Dollar Threat in San Diego!

Termite control is something that no home or business owner wants to have to deal with. However, it’s quite common for people to be unaware that they even have a termite problem until the termites have already caused a significant amount of damage. Each year, termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage, most often not covered by homeowners’ insurance. Found in almost every state except Alaska, termites are a definite threat in San Diego County. Ultimately, It’s not a matter of if your home will encounter termites but when making termite control becomes a necessity.

Healthy Homes Protection Plans (HHPP)

Peace of Mind for Life

Nixtermite’s Healthy Homes Protection Plan (HHPP)™ is a free annual inspection program that we offer to ensure your home or business is kept termite free. Once enrolled in HHPP™, Nixtermite will continue to provide a comprehensive annual inspection of your structure for FREE*. As part of the plan, we will thoroughly inspect for signs of termite activity, conduct a termite damage assessment, and identify conditions conducive to termite and pest infestations.

What Happens If I Have Termites?

Have Termites

If termites are discovered during our annual inspection and the structure is protected by Nixtermite’s Termite Treatment Warranty* (optional), we will arrange for one of our licensed technicians to return to perform the necessary treatment(s) to keep your home or business termite free. Nixtermite’s Termite Treatment Warranty is our optional annual termite insurance that covers the cost of retreatment of your home.

In addition, if our inspector finds any other wood-destroying organisms, like fungus or dry rot, that is found to be attacking your structure during our inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive estimate to take care of the problem.

Why Maintain A Termite Warranty?

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Let’s face it, maintaining the Healthy Homes Protection Plan for the annual FREE inspections just makes sound financial sense. Considering the fact that average cost of a termite repair is around $2,000- $4,000 while maintaining a termite treatment warranty starts at only $300 annually, the decision to qualify for and maintain a warranty is clear.

With Nixtermite’s Healthy Homes Protection Plan (HHPP) coupled with our Termite Treatment Warranty*, you get exactly that, termite protection that is unmatched in the pest control industry, while providing peace of mind.

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how long will my annual inspection take?

The HHPP annual inspection usually takes about an hour or so. This time frame, of course, will vary depending on the size of your property

On the interior an inspector may include inspecting some or all of the noted areas:

  • Walls and baseboards and ceilings.
  • Windows frames.
  • Attic or crawl spaces.
  • Doors, cabinets and closets.
  • Garages or storage areas.

Outside your home:

  • Foundation.
  • Exterior walls and eaves of the structure.
  • Window frames.
  • Wood siding.
  • Door casings.

If you have just closed escrow, your warranty is expiring or you would like to register your home for a new HHTP termite warrant plan today, just fill out the form below and a freindly member of our team will follow up to ensure that we get your coverage started right away.

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